About Us
Name Shiraishi Co., Ltd.
Representative Junichiro Shiraishi, Representative Director
Founded 1925
Registered as company December 1st, 1963
Capital 35,000,000 yen
Employees 179 (including part-time workers)
Sales 14.4 billion yen
Banking partners Higo Bank, Kitakyushu Bank, Fukuoka Bank, Kumamoto Bank, Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Mizuho Bank
Business operations Snack food wholesale
We sell snack foods and food products produced in-house and by other producers to popular supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, etc., in Kumamoto and each of the prefectures in Kyushu.
Frozen desserts
We provide ice cream wholesale services.
Cell-phone sale
We operate a total of four Docomo shops (two in Yatsushiro, one in Hitoyoshi, one in Minamata). We also offer business consultation services.
Products handled Snacks, food products, ice cream, NTT Docomo handheld phones, miscellaneous
Original product development support(OEM) WE will support OEM products development with manufacturers as your desire.
OEM Flow
OEM Flow
Distinguishing features Variety of original products
We are part of the NS Research Society, composed of 13 companies from around Japan. Through joint development, we are able to offer hundreds of original products (snack foods) and offer attractive sales locations unmatched by other companies.
Superior distribution abilities
By using our NSIP System, we offer customers higher delivery rates and fresher products than our competitors are capable of.
Solid training and education programs
We offer a wide variety of training and education programs for the purpose of training sales staff to make quality decisions on profitable snack foods and educating employees to be excellent workers.
Main business partners About 400 supermarkets, drugstores, and discount stores. About 300 convenience stores.
Main suppliers Lotte Shoji, Co., Ltd., Morinaga & Co., Ltd., Meiji Co., Ltd., Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd., Fujiya Co., Ltd., Bourbon Corporation Japan, Calbee Inc., Kameda Seika Co., Ltd., Kabaya Foods Corporation, Kracie Holdings, Ltd.
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Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart 営業本部 管理本部 熊本支店 福岡営業所
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Company History
Shiraishi Miura Shoten opened in Yatsushiro by Miura Shiraishi. Started production and sales of roasted beans and candies
Shiraishi Miura Shoten reopened
12/1950 Reorganized into a corporation, founded Shiraishi Miura Shoten & Co., Ltd.
Founded Shiraishi Seika Co., Ltd. with 2.1 million yen in capital. Capital has since been increased multiple times
Kumamoto Branch opened
09/1982 Started Amusement Center Conversions Department
04/1983 Moved headquarters from Matsue, Yatsushiro to Shinhama, Yatsushiro
11/1990 Opened Hakuyuso rest home in Kagoshima
02/1994 Started Cell-phone sale Department
02/1995 Joined NS Research Group
Built current headquarters building
Introduced NSIP System at Kumamoto Branch
09/1998 Opened Fukuoka Area Office (Minami-ku, Fukuoka)
12/2000 Hiroshi Shiraishi named as chairman, Junichiro Shiraishi named as president
08/2001 Fukuoka Area Office moved, Fukuoka Sales Office opened (Minami-ku, Fukuoka)
07/2002 Introduced NSIP System at Yatsushiro Branch
10/2002 Moved Fukuoka Sales Office from Minami-ku, Fukuoka to Aoyanagi, Koga
11/2002 Reached 10 million yen in yearly sales
Started Manufacturing Department. In-store making of rice crackers popular with customers
06/2005 Changed company name to Shiraishi Co., Ltd.
Merged distribution operations of Yatsushiro and Kumamoto Branches into Kagami Distribution Center
02/2007 Merged Yatsushiro Branch Sales Department with Kumamoto Branch
Moved Fukuoka Sales Office from Aoyanagi, Koga, to Yakuoji, Koga
05/2008 First manager 16 class training course started
06/2008 First core employee 10 class training course started
Business training in Shanghai, in Seoul next year, and in Taipei two years later
03/2011 Moved Kumamoto Branch to Chikami, Kumamoto
05/2011 Merged affiliated company Shiraishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd. with Shiraishi Co., Ltd.
08/2011 Opened South Kyushu Sales Office
09/2011 Opened South Kyushu Distribution Center
06/2014 Visiting International Food exhibition and Food Taipei and started working with overseas
The ceremony of 90th anniversary of foundation was hold.
Exhibit on FOODEX
04/2016 Kumamoto Earthquake
06/2016 First management executive training course started
06/2017 Overseas trading partner expands to 8 countries
09/2017 First management executive training course finished
First exhibition on Supermarket trade show
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Shiraishi Co., Ltd.

Snack Food Wholesale
Headquarters 866-8510 1-1-28 Shinhamamachi, Yatsushiro
TEL: 81-965-33-2530
Sales Head Office 861-4101 8-11-38 Chikami, Kumamoto   TEL: 81-96-357-0300
Kumamoto Sales Office 861-4101 8-11-38 Chikami, Kumamoto
TEL: 81-96-357-0300
South Kyushu Sales Office 891-0122 4-11-1 Nanei, Kagoshima   TEL: 81-99-297-6511
South Kyushu Distribution Center 891-0122 4-11-1 Nanei, Kagoshima   TEL: 81-99-297-6511
Central Kyushu Distribution Center 866-8510 1-1-28 Shinhamamachi, Yatsushiro   TEL: 81-965-30-7311
Fukuoka Sales Office 811-3124 1358-1 Yakuoji Hayashizoe, Koga, Fukuoka Prefecture
TEL: 81-92-940-3450
Food Product Department 866-0031 1-1-28 Shinhamamachi, Yatsushiro   TEL: 81-965-34-4050
Manufacturing Team 866-0031 1-1 Shinhamamachi, Yatsushiro
TEL: 81-965-34-3367

Frozen Desserts
Frozen Desserts Department 866-0031 1-1 Shinhamamachi, Yatsushiro
TEL: 81-965-34-3367

Cell-phone sales department
Docomo Shop – Yatsushiro 866-0883 526-1 Matsumachi, Yatsushiro
TEL: 81-965-31-7611
Docomo Shop – Yatsushiro Minami 866-0073 2570-1 Honnomachi, Yatsushiro
TEL: 81-965-39-5280
Docomo Shop – Hitoyoshi 868-0021 758-1 Onigimachi, Hitoyoshi
TEL: 81-966-22-1017
Docomo Shop - Minamata 867-0051 2-3-1 Showamachi, Minamata
TEL: 81-966-63-8022

Shiraishi Kigyo Co., Ltd. (Wholesale of food products, misc. goods to amusement centers)
  862-0967 1-2 Ryutsu Danchi, Kumamoto
TEL: 81-96-377-2227
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