Our Philosophy
Greeting from the President
Junichiro Shiraishi Born April 6th, 1959 in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture
Personal history March 1978: Graduated from Seiseikou High School in Kumamoto
  March 1984: Graduated from the School of Commerce of Meiji University. After graduation, worked at Ohishi Tax Advisor Office (Kumamoto)
  May 1988: Joined Shiraishi Seika Co.,Ltd.(currently Shiraishi Co.,Ltd.)
  December 2000: Appointed President and Executive Director
Hobbies Watching sports (ball sports, especially soccer)
  Listening to music (jazz, classical, opera)
  Watching rakugo (especially Kokontei Shinsho the 5th)

All started from 1925, when Miura Shiraishi opened the first confectionery shop at Yatsushiro Kumamoto with his young wife Shizuko.
We will continuously working on strengthen our relationship with our customers and improve their performance through our 'Best seller products development'.
Our line of business is not only confectionery sweets but also many other kinds such as mineral water, pumpkin, dog food and so on.And all products share the same quality which is 'the Real Deal'.
By building strong partnership with our customers, we will continue to contribute to the local community with all our strength.
With courage, keep 'changing ourselves' and 'protecting our customers' provide the 'true value products' to our all partners.
Pleased looking forward to our further contribution.

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Management Philoso
Provide truly rewarding value and contribute to the success of all involved / Constantly improve management quality and contribute to the well-being of our employees / Develop human resources and contribute to societal progress

The “values” that businesses provide come in a variety of forms. With a product, for example, these values can include the flavor, price, presence of preservatives, or a number of other characteristics that make up the product.With banks, values they are interested in can include a business’s track record,its future potential, or the skills of the business’s management. Our greatest reason for existing as a company is to provide all of our business partners, and especially our customers, with not merely just a product, but also a range of values that provide numerous benefits to the recipient.

In business management, stagnation is equivalent to moving backwards. The job of a business is to continually increase profits and improve the lives of its employees. The employees then must understand that self-fulfillment is not possible without the development of the company, and that they must use all of their skills and power to manage the responsibilities assigned to them.

Just like employment or paying taxes, the development of human resources, i.e., contributing to the development of a well-skilled workforce, is an important aspect of a company’s contribution to its local community. We provide each individual employee with training optimized to their skills and abilities. In return, we only employ people who love to study and actively strive to better their own abilities.

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Company Credo
Trust – Reliability – Progress

Trust is the basis of commerce. It is also one of the main beliefs of our founder, Miura Shiraishi. Trust is in our company’s DNA, and no matter what hardships we may face, our actions never stray from this core principle.

Reliability, as the central pillar of our Credo, occupies an especially important position and applies to all Shiraishi employees. Acting in a reliable manner also involves a level of passion and responsibility, in addition to requiring thoughtfulness for the needs of others, both inside and outside the company. Auto mobile industry pioneer Henry Ford once said the following:

“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle.”

All persons with the privilege of carrying the Shiraishi name strive for reliability in all their actions, both at work and in their private lives.

The spirit of Progress is the dynamic that drives the growth of Shiraishi. Shiraishi has a long history of actively seeking out new challenges and trying new ideas, examples being when we expanded from Yatsushiro to Kumamoto, when we expanded from a snack food company to a diversified company, and when we adopted a new computer system earlier than many other companies. We as a company have changed over the years, and we will continue to adapt to changes in the industry. Progress is truly an irreplaceable factor in our ability to survive in the future.

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Company Code of Condu
Build a happy company in order to make a happy society / Always have a sense of pride, a feeling of responsibility, and an inquiring mind with regard to your work / Be honest, positive, and a reliable team member / Be someone who takes care of their health and never gives up / Be an employee that grows day-by-day and finishes each day with no regrets

Our Code of Conduct embodies the characteristics of our ideal employee: someone who readily participates in every morning meeting and generates energy and positivity wherever they go.

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Course of Action

‐Greet everyone with a smile!
‐Always be grateful and make a habit of saying “thank you!”
‐Be organized, tidy, and clean!
‐Boldly challenge anything that comes your way!
‐Impress others through the quality of your work!
‐Always keep your promises and fulfill them ASAP!
‐Give it all you’ve got!
‐Finish each day’s work before the day is over!
‐Practice the three pillars of success (honesty, positivity, and love of learning)!
‐Take care of your family!

Our Course of Action was devised by the first 15 members of our training group and provides solutions for what one should do whenever they find themselves unable to make a decision, whether at work or in their personal life.

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Six Directions

‐good to customers,
‐good to clients,
‐good to employee,
‐good to the family,
‐good to the society and the environment,
‐good to company,

Making a company that bloom the smile to six direction, and progress the work by the six directions.

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