Privacy Policy

Shiraishi Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the Company”) understands that it has a social responsibility to honor and protect the privacy and personal information (hereafter, “Personal Information”) of visitors to the website of the Company (hereafter, “the Site”), and hereby states its policy for protecting Personal Information, and pledges continually refine its corporate structure, and implementation and maintenance of these policies.
1. Collection and use
The Company shall use Personal Information received from customers through use of the Site within the bounds of the usage purposes stated to the customer when they provided such information. The Company or related companies may use this Personal Information for the purposes of product development and marketing activities.
2. Proper management
The Company shall implement security measures on the Site to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, etc., of Personal Information of customers.
3. Disclosure to third parties
Excluding situations where approval is obtained from the customer, the Company shall not provide or disclose Personal Information of customers to third parties. This does not apply to situations where Personal Information of customers is provided to related companies for the purposes stated in Paragraph 1, where such information is disclosed to contractors handling email services, or where there is a legitimate reason for doing so, such as legal grounds for disclosure.
4. Management of contractors
The Company shall make sure that related companies or contractors to whom Personal Information of customers has been provided or disclosed in accordance with the preceding paragraph properly handle and protect the information, and the Company shall prohibit disclosure/provision to third parties and usage purposes other than those given in Paragraph 1.
5. Improvement
The Company shall obey laws, etc., related to handling of Personal Information of customers, and shall regularly revise and improve this Policy. As such, please understand that this Policy may be altered without advance notification.
6. Exemption from liability
The Company is in no way responsible for falsified information, if personal information of another person is used, etc.
7. Contacting the Company
Please contact us regarding inquiries or complaints about Personal Information provided by customers, or regarding viewing, correction, deletion, etc., of Personal Information.

Contact information: Shiraishi Co., Ltd. TEL: 81-965-33-2530
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